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HWA HSING SCREW- The Enterprise Following No Conventional Practice & Fastener Manufacturing Old-Brand Fulfilling Social Responsibility
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by Nain Wen Chang, Fastener World


Established in 1973, Hwa Hsing Screw Industry Co., Ltd. is a carbon steel screw manufacturing old-brand in Taiwan, which has been also dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibility in recent years and certified by Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). The company not only has its own blue prints for introducing Industry 4.0 into product manufacturing, but is also working on improving interests of employees, workplaces and measures for environmental protection to create a better enterprise that grows with the society and green products in accordance with global trends.


The All-inclusive Manufacturing Procedure from Wire Drawing to Packaging 

President Jim C. N. Chen: Consolidating Existing Clients and Retrieving Those We Once Collaborated with


For making clients confident of our products, Hwa Hsing introduced electroplating and phosphating lines to make its manufacturing an all-inclusive procedure from wire drawing to packaging. Clients do not have to worry about the risk of bad quality control conducted by downstream associates or delayed shipments, thus greatly increasing clients’ confidence on Hwa Hsing. Moreover, facilities of Hwa Hsing have been gradually upgraded from semi-automated to fully-automated. Focusing on manufacturing improvement and Industry 4.0, what President Chen is taking into account is Labor Force. “We hope to achieve fully automated manufacturing, as we are facing the issue of inefficient labor force. Our industry is not going to an end, however, if we would like to keep sustainable operation, the Industry 4.0 is the only way the fastener industry must go toward, “ he noted.


Having been growing with so many business partners for years, Hwa Hsing hopes to offer existing clients more service. With a different idea on his mind, President Chen said, “The first step we should take is to keep all of our existing loyal clients, and later we could try to find those we once collaborated with back again, and the final step is to develop new clients.” Hwa Hsing nowadays is working hard to reinforce its core technology and advancing manufacturing facilities. For achieving this goal, it has finished renovating its 3305+ sq. m plant, which President Chen called “The Experiment Factory.” This factory is not like others, as it is completely different in terms of equipment placement, operator deployment, logistics control, etc. Its in-house anti-pollution facilities are also of new ideas & design and are totally Industry 4.0 oriented. President Chen said, “AGVs combined with AI are utilized in this experiment factory. We hope to introduce this idea into our other plants in the future and build our own “Dream Factory” someday.” 


Collaborating with Industry-leading Clients in R&D;

Products Greatly Admired in Europe and USA


Hwa Hsing continues to collaborate with market leading clients in products R&D. President said, “Collaborating with clients who face market users directly is the easiest way to know where the demand is. Sometimes you may be very confident of the products developed by yourself, however, it would be only a waste of your R&D cost if they could not be accepted in the market.”   


Take TENZ® Wood Screw Hwa Hsing has just developed for its European client for example, it has ladder-type threads, which can reduce surface friction on threads and drilling resistance, which also means better tool durability, longer device lifecycle, energy saving and higher work efficiency & safety. Compliant with stringent testing standards and accurate manufacturing requirements of European companies, this product is of very excellent performance and widely accepted in European and USA.


Labor Division by Skill


Considering the fact that Hwa Hsing has nearly 300 employees, President Chen prefers more precise labor division, which can significantly enhance quality and efficiency. In the past when the procedure was only roughly divided into heading and threading, a technician had to be well-experienced in all machine maintenance and repair. Nowadays, the procedure is divided into more specific categories. For example, in the section of threading machines, it is divided into vibratory feeding, threading plate calibration, machine maintenance, etc. To be more specific, in the field of threading plates, a group of technicians must be specialized in threading plates calibration, maintenance and repair. They work as doctors from different departments. This is one of the most important parts in quality control.


Cultivation of Talents with Logical Thinking and Communication Ability

President Chen always has his own unique ideas of new generation cultivation and employee training. He realizes that the current in-house operations have been quite different from those many years ago when he just took the position of president. There are at least 10 processes from wire drawing to finished products in the modern large-scale plants, so a technician may not have the knowledge of every process. He expects that his successor must have the ability of logical thinking, as when there comes an issue, he/she will be able to think logically and find out the solution. In addition to logical thinking, he/she must also have the communication ability to solve problems.


Making Effort to Improve Workplaces

In Hwa Hsing, Quality, Service and Social Responsibility All Matter! 

In the era when people are increasing their concern about social responsibility and sustainable operation of enterprises, Hwa Hsing has applied for and received the certificate of BSCI, which is to ensure that the workplace of an enterprise is compliant with the spirit of human rights and social responsibility, including labors’ rights to organize and negotiate, request for fair reward, occupational health & safety, etc.


President Chen said that good quality of products has become a basic requirement for every company and Hwa Hsing has also received the ETA certificate, which is so far the hardest to get in the industry. He added, “In addition to product quality and service, Hwa Hsing will also dedicate ourselves to become an enterprise that focuses more on social responsibility, as we hope to be not just an OEM plant, but a model brand that is worthy to be trusted and that clients would be loyal to collaborate with.”


Hwa Hsing contact: President Jim C. N. Chen



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