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Industry Activities 

Continuous Business Expansion and R&D-Driven Best Sales. Straightening Machine Magnate, Hung-Yin Enterprise
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World


When it comes to screw straightening machines, general manager Mr. Wu-Zhang Chang is undoubtedly the founding father of this field and a legendary figure who started as a layman but ended up an expert. He started off with hardware, die and punch manufacture, and then entered the fastener industry, which only took him 3 years before he invented the world’s first screw straightening machine. His machine does not adopt the traditional hydraulic straightening method, thus increasing straightening capacity by 5 folds, from 10 pieces to 50 pieces per minute, pushing daily capacity to well over 20 thousand pieces of straightened screws. If you think this magnate only sticks to straightening machines, think again because he stepped out of his box and invented vibratory feeder to work in conjunction with his straightening machine. The high efficiency and durability of his machine combined with the feeder earns critical acclaim from a well-known American public company that could start a negotiation of future collaboration with Mr. Chang. Besides the U.S., Hung-Yin sells straightening machines to Poland, Turkey, Southeast Asia among other regions.


Robust Demand from Clients

Current Plant in Expansion and New Plant to Come up Soon

Ever since the rollout of his straightening machine, order intake has been increasing like it never stops and Hung-Yin has to work around the clock because “our plant space is less than enough for the overwhelming amount of demand,” said the general manager in smiles. He plans to expand his current plant from 430 square meters to 826, which he expects to complete in mid-2019. By then the expanded plant will house 20 sets of straightening machine and he will be able to straighten 500 tons of screws per month for clients which is a sharp increase from the current 150 tons capacity. This is still not enough for him as he has included in his business blueprint a 3,636-square-meter plant currently under construction. The new plant is positioned at the back of the current one. He said to move in the straightening machine manufacturing division once the new plant is completed next year. Clients’ strong support has propelled him to enlarge his business realm no matter the cost and enter the American and Latin American markets (Mexico and Brazil).


Business Focus in the Near Future:

Hung-Yin Large Vibratory Feeders

Three years ago he developed the vertical-container type large vibratory feeder (1M and above) exclusively for long screws. The feeder was highly recognized within the industry since its rollout, and an American company came and placed an order for its reputation. Hung-Yin is currently assembling a straightening machine and two 1.5M vibratory feeders for the American client. In case you don’t know, he said it took him just 2 to 3 years to develop all by himself this vibratory feeder unique to Hung-Yin. When asked about the reason that he decided to tap into this field, he said his own vibratory feeder is guaranteed to keep up with the speed of his straightening machine that runs 5 times faster than its counterparts, therefore exerting maximum compatibility and efficiency. What he didn’t expect was that he got massive acclaim from the industry when he rolled out the straightening machine installed with the vibratory feeder. He said Hung-Yin will officially announce the rollout of large vibratory feeder for long screws after completing the new plant.


Business Triangle:

Precision, Specification, Zero Complaint

How did this former layman taught himself to invent excellent straightening machines and vibratory feeders? He said his background in hardware, dies and punches allows him to accrue proficient knowledge in production precision which inspired him to develop high precision and high speed straightening machines with no damaged screw shank and thread.


A big feature of Hung-Yin straightening machines is fully-utilized component specification. “All components have pre-determined sizes. Clients in need of maintenance after purchase will only have to buy components from Hung-Yin and simply mount them onto the machines by themselves, and therefore they save a bunch of time replacing components,” he explained. Additionally, Hung-Yin straightening machines are durable and the company has not received any complaints since it shipped the first set of the machine.


Lastly, the general manager said he was grateful that the last interview report by Fastener World Magazine helped him increase overseas sales proportion to 70% and half of his overseas clients learned his reputation through the report before they place orders. We hope to see him break a new business record after the completion of the new plant.



Hung-Yin’s contact: General manager Mr. Wu-Zhang Chang


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