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Industry Activities 

Japanese Tohnichi Developed Mistake-proofing Torque Wrench Preventing Repeated Fastening
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The CSPFHW series wireless torque wrench can detect if the user forgets he or she has tightened a fastener and is trying to re-tighten it. This product comes with no torque sensor but instead comes with the unique ability to check for repeated tightening.

  • Repeated tightening on an already tightened bolt or nut would be regarded by the wrench as a repetition and the red NG lamp would turn on.
  • This wireless wrench operates in conjunction with a signal receptor, configuration box, and multi-port box. 
  • 7-digit English and numeric characters and a 3-digit ID can be set for the wrench to trace its usage data. 
  • The battery can sustain through over 150 thousand times of use. In the case of fastening 3600 pieces of fastener per day, the battery can be used for over two months. 
  • The wrench head can be exchanged for a ratchet head and other head types for compatibility with various fastening operations.
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