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Industry Activities 

Inserts, Springs & Fasteners Manufacturer Aimed at Customers’ Total Cost Reduction- Accurate Inc. (Japan)
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Back in 1985, there were a majority of products mass-produced in Japan. That was the same year Accurate Inc. was founded, but this company took a different approach by setting its primary focus on manufacturing small-batch products and standard springs delivered in short lead times. Today the company, known as a leading and renowned Japanese maker of inserts, industrial fasteners and springs, trades on an annual revenue basis of JPY1.313 billion (as of March 2019) both domestically and globally.

New Product: Tangless Inserts

     As an addition to the Tangless® Inserts series, Accurate has just announced in May the rollout of 2.5D and 3D (nominal length) version of the series available in sizes from M3-0.5 to M6-1.0 among others. Accurate’s tangless insert comes with 4 advantages. For starters, as the title of the product implies, it is free of “tang” (in other words: “tail”), meaning that there is no longer any need to manually break and remove the tang after insert installation. Secondly, it is free from the problem of “pitch skip” (where the insert’s threads skip a thread pitch on the thread portion of the fastened object during installation), and there is no need to visual check the skip. Thirdly, for rapid insertion, it can be used with a specialized electric driver whose mandrel presses the inner side of the insert during installation, thereby preventing pitch skip. Lastly, its removal is as simple as it can be without damaging the workpiece. In recap, compared to conventional methods which would take up to 50 seconds to complete insert installation, the whole installation process with Tangless® Inserts only takes a whopping 8 seconds and would only go from pre-drilling and then straight to insert installation, and that’s all, without tang removal and pickup and pitch skip inspection.

Your Savior for Cost Reduction

     Mr. Katsuaki Takahashi, Managing Director of Accurate Inc., said in an exclusive interview with Fastener World that Tangless® Inserts are a total cost reduction solution for customers and are used as a reinforcement for female threads made of soft materials like aluminum or resin. They are the savior to reducing your operating time and ultimately your total cost.

     Besides the Inserts, the company supplies insert nuts (bulk-processed and cost-saving), Ultra-springs (2500 types in stock and immediately available on demand), and slim-head screws among other products.

Global Sales Development Via Marketing Strengths

     Accurate Inc. now has its eyes locked on not just the domestic but also overseas customers. “Our mindset is to always stand in the shoes of our customers and give them ‘ACCURATE’ and precise responses. We think it is crucial to globally promote our outstanding products and make them known by the world. All of our product series are available to the world users.” “This Year,” the Managing Director continued, “We will exhibit at Mechatronics Technology Japan (MECT2019) in October and we open our business to anyone interested in our Tangless Inserts, springs and fastener products!”

Accurate Inc.’s contact: Tokyo C.C    


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