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Industry Activities 

Yi Hung Washer Co., Ltd.- Precision Small Washers Manufacturing Expert
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     Established in 1995 in Shulin District of New Taipei City and adhering to principles of “Precision Quality, Cordial Service and Efficient Delivery,” Yi Hung Washer specializes in production of precision washers, plastic screws/nuts, stamped electronics parts & spring washers, terminals, etc. It is certified to ISO 9001 and continuously enhances its quality control ability in order to provide customers with topnotch quality products.

Various Materials for Selection
     Focusing on manufacturing non-metallic flat washers mainly in thicknesses of 1.5mm or less, Yi Hung offers a broad range of materials for selection (incl. Nylon 6/66, Polyslider, POM, PEEK, X-30, NOMEX, PP, Mylar, PC, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, Kapton, Teflon, Fiber, Laminate Bakelite Sheet, Rubber, Wool Felt, etc.) and products of customized sizes, dimensions and materials as per customer’s request.

Precision Washers Manufacture
     President Shih, well-experienced in manufacturing customized washers, told that he once accepted an order for customized washers with the inner diameter less than 1.0mm. Such a requested dimension was quite rare, but he, with years of experience, still successfully manufactured the superior-quality finished products fully compliant with the customer’s requirements. Yi Hung has excellent manufacturing capabilities for precision small washers and is continuously improving its facilities, molds and dies. Thus far, Yi Hung has had more than 2,800 sets of molds and dies in standard and non-standard dimensions.

Accepting Orders for Washers of Customized Design
     The dimensions of a washer usually feature an inner circle and an outer circle. In addition to the dimensions, Yi Hung can also manufacture products featuring different shapes. “If the requested product is flat in shape and its size is less than 70mm, we can do that for sure,” Mr. Shih said with confidence. Besides plastic washers, Yi Hung also manufactures stamped components, and supplies O-rings and other plastic parts. Anytime when it comes to precision small plastic parts, Yi Hung is always confident of its capabilities for satisfying any kind of demands for customized products.

Competitive Prices, Stable Quality and Quick Delivery
     Yi Hung utilizes punching machines to manufacture washers and uses the 2.5D measuring instrument to reinforce quality control. Its annual capacity reaches 1.2 billion pcs. “Offering superior-quality products and punctual delivery are both our corporate goals,” Shih added. Yi Hung shows the advantages of competitive unit prices and stable quality, so many of its customers have been in collaboration with Yi Hung for a long period of time. Yi Hung’s products have been widely appreciated in automotive and electronics parts industries.

     Yi Hung’s products have been, so far, exported and sold to the whole world, such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and even Australia. Well-known for excellent quality and punctual delivery that resulted in its success around the world, Yi Hung will adhere to the same idea and continue to create the value of products for its customers.

Contacts: Shu Fang, Lin & Jackie



Skype: yihungwasher

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