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Industry Activities 

The Value Innovation of Stainless Steel Fasteners- TONG HWEI Established a Green Exemplary Plant with Installation of Solar Panels
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     Having been in operation for 30+ years, Tong Hwei is able to offer various stainless steel bolts, screws, nuts & threaded rods in specifications of M2 - M24 and #2 - 1,” which have been shipped to all over the world. Thus far, THE® has become the best brand recognized by the stainless steel fasteners market. In order to manage the massive production lines and the customers service system, Tong Hwei has introduced the automated warehousing systems to keep track from tooling & dies to finished products, which means all materials and finished products access are controlled by computer system and all relevant staff can get realtime information from the system.
     Jimmy Ko, Vice President of Tong Hwei, said, “With the development of digital technology, we are convinced that it will help boost the manufacturing efficiency and decision-making ability. In the future we will head toward the use of Big Data and Industry 4.0 in order to further enhance our manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance.”
Tapping into the Solar Power Industry and Developing New Markets for Stainless Steel Fasteners
     Many multinational companies are paying more and more attention to the carbon footprints of their product manufacturing, and whether it is the global trends or government decrees, they are heading towards green energy development. As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners, Tong Hwei not only advances in technology and quality, but also, with the expansion of its operation scale, dedicates itself to fulfilling social responsibilities and sustainable operation. In 2006, Tong Hwei managed to reserve large areas of green space on its current manufacturing site in Gangshan, Kaohsiung and installed solar panels onto its plant roof top.
     Stainless steel is a type of special steel, featuring bright and corrosion-resistant properties. It is widely applied to medical, food processing, petrochemical, marine and electromechanical industries. In recent years solar panels and its bracket system have also shown substantial demand for stainless steel fasteners. Noticing the potential opportunities, Tong Hwei then invested Ming Hwei Energy Co., Ltd. in Douliu (Yunlin, Taiwan) in 2010 and started to focus on the production of solar cells and has successfully developed Mono Crystal Cells
recognized as the highest power generation efficiency in Taiwan.
Comprehensive Stainless Steel Fasteners and Dedication to Products Value-added
     Through the marketing strategy of differentiated competition, Tong Hwei & Min Hwei have integrated their products ranges to satisfy customers’ needs of one-stop shopping for stainless steel fasteners, and are also able to fulfill the customized packages and labels required by customers.
     Tong Hwei not only sells its current products worldwide but is also active in developing various types of blueprint items for specific applications, as well as special material types such as Duplex Stainless Steel in order to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers through the enhancement of product value.
     In addition to reliable manufacturing technology, Tong Hwei has also built the plant in line with the modern environmental protection awareness, massively planting trees to create a park-like and employeefriendly working environment. The stainless steel fasteners produced and supplied by Tong Hwei have been widely used in different kinds of industries and the quality has also won the unanimous trust of users. It is believed that the development of high-strength stainless steel will definitely offer customers more comprehensive application and Tong Hwei welcomes the establishment of long-term collaboration with all business partners.
Contact: Vice President Jimmy Ko
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