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Industry Activities 

Taiwan CSD Signs MOU with Toyota for Toyota Production System Implementation
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         Corporate Synergy Development Center (Taiwan CSD) signed a memorandum of understanding with Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC) to collaborate and promote the all-in-one Toyota Production System (TPS), the most impeccable production method in the world integrating flexibility, lean manufacturing, digitalization and creativity.

        Many critical industries such as hand tools, machine tools, aerospace, bikes, automotive electronics, and fasteners are the targets for Taiwan CSD counselling and could be the targets for TPS implementation in the future. The companies listed as the targets for TPS counselling are Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation, Victor Taichung Machinery Works, Tier 2 bike suppliers and domestic machine companies.

        TEC is formed by a group of excellent consultants with over 35 years of work experience at Toyota. They have been counselling the American aerospace industry, the Japanese manufacturing industry, and the Chinese electronics and automotive industries since its inception.

        A large portion of electronics and automobiles are assembled in China. With the continuing U.S./China trade war and the outbreak of COVID-19, some Taiwanese businesspeople in China will have to move production back to Taiwan. Taiwan has a strong component supply chain and it will be listed as a critical target for TPS implementation.
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