Meet the New TFTA Chairman
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“Participation of Young Generation, Interaction with Global Associations, Exhibiting at Int’l Trade Shows, and Arranging More Training Courses will be the Focal Points in My 2-Year Tenure,” Chairman Josh Chen says.
       Effective January 1st, 2020, President Josh Chen of Yung King Industries Co., Ltd. officially took the position as Chairman of Taiwan Fastener Trading Association (TFTA) for the next two years. Prior to taking this position, Chen has been quite active in many association affairs. He was not only one of the members right after TFTA became a juridical corporation, but also once served as president of TFTA N. Chapter, secretary-general and vice chairman. He has a wealth of experiences in the operation of TFTA.     
       In the interview Chairman Chen specifically referred to his blueprints for TFTA in the next two years and he also said that it is just the beginning of heavy responsibilities, so he will try his best to voice for the interests of members and further facilitate the healthy development of TFTA, especially when the whole world is fighting against the coronavirus outbreak. Chen also hopes that all relevant parties throughout the world in collaboration with Taiwanese suppliers could realize that the epidemic in Taiwan is currently under very good control and the production and delivery are still normal.
Chairman Chen plans to focus on three major perspectives in his tenure:
1. To Encourage Active Participation of Young Generation and Arrange More Social Activities
        According to Chen, 2020 is the 31st anniversary of TFTA and the number of TFTA members has also shown a significant increase to more than 300. In this fast-changing era, the industry must be active in making quick responses to new trends (such as introducing new ideas and trying new approaches) and support more participation and contribution of young generation, which will help bring in new changes to the conventional industry. Based upon this idea, TFTA Service Committee will be renamed “Activity Committee.” With a clearer role position, this committee will arrange more activities interesting to young generation, in order to boost interaction amongst different generations and vitalize the operation of TFTA. Rail travel around the Taiwan island, visiting Toyota’s plant in Nagoya, and even playing paintball games will be scheduled into TFTA’s 2020 event calendar. Chen particularly noted, “The industry must never stop its improvement. Through experience sharing and learning amongst generations, I’m convinced that the positive and effective advancement within Taiwanese fastener industry could be soon observed.”
2. To Strengthen Interaction with Global Associations and Exposure at Int’l Trade Shows
        For the past few years, TFTA has not only kept positive interaction with relevant fastener organizations in Taiwan, but also has established exchange platforms with other overseas fastener associations (NFDA & IFI in the U.S., EFDA & EIFI in the EU, SEIFSA in South Africa, SINPA in Brazil, and Hong Kong Screw and Fastener Council, for example). According to Chen, through int’l interaction, not only info exchange within industries could be further advanced, but also the opportunities for TFTA members to interact with overseas industries could be indirectly generated. As a result, when challenges are ahead, they can be well-prepared to face them. TFTA used to participate as invited guests in several annual events of these leading associations. After Chen took the position of Chairman, he will also invite representatives from these associations to participate in TFTA’s events. For instance, TFTA plans to invite representatives from NFDA, EFDA, IFI and many other large importers to participate in the welcome gala one day before Taiwan International Fastener Show (Oct. 14-16, 2020), where the global fastener industries will gather under one roof in anticipation of establishing closer friendship with each other in an ambiance of “We Are All Family.”
        Chen also noted that TFTA will continue to exhibit at International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas this year and Fastener Fair Stuttgart next year. Through member catalogues dissemination at these exhibitions, TFTA hopes to increase the brand awareness of its members in the global market, help them develop new business opportunities and solicit more customers, and most importantly, let the int’l society get to know the strengths of Taiwanese fastener industry, which is also one of the mission statements of TFTA.
3.To Provide Courses on More Topics at More Advanced Level; “Fastener Talent Certification” May be Introduced into the Industry in the Future
         Over the few years TFTA held many training courses for members and almost every course was attended by nearly a hundred fastener professionals, which proved to be successful in improving the quality of fastener talents. Hence, Chen will continue to provide courses on more informative and educational topics, which not only include courses on production & quality control, but also include those lectured by keynote speakers and experts from MIRDC, academics, industry skill training centers and worldly well-known brands (e.g., marketing or finance management). He also mentioned the possibility of TFTA’s meeting room rentals for members to hold small training sessions or conferences, which can enhance the space utilization of TFTA headquarters.  
       Considering the difficulty in training and hiring talents felt by many companies, Chen also hopes that with the influence of TFTA and by working with the authorities the “Fastener Talent Certification” can be introduced into the industry in the future. He added, “Similar certifications have been introduced into many industries. With the certification, companies can evaluate the skills of its job applicants in advance. Meanwhile, job applicants will be also forced to improve their skills before they submit resumes. However, Chen also added that it is still difficult to realize it at this moment, but can be a goal for the fastener industry in the future. Although there is currently no exact date for it, we hope that it can be finally made into reality, as it will definitely result in a sustainable development for the entire industry.
Helping Members Get Connected to the Global Market and Promote Strengths of Taiwanese Fastener Industry
        At the end of the interview, Chen noted, “The survival of the fastener industry depends on if one can work with each other. Through mutual collaboration the whole world can definitely see the strengths of Taiwanese fastener industry. Of course, more participation and interaction of our members are important. By doing so, Taiwanese fastener industry can be effectively and fast upgraded and show the whole world the power of products made-in-Taiwan.”
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