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HSIN JUI HARDWARE Succeeds with 3 Critical Pillars- Cold Forged Automotive Fastener Expert
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       Having cold forging as its core manufacturing technology and laying stress on “speed, precision, and affordability” as its three success pillars, Hsin Jui Hardware Enterprise Co., Ltd. has always been doing whatever it takes to “create competitive edges for customers and developing new revolutionary products.”  Passing the audit of IATF 16949 certification, Hsin Jui fulfils strict production management to ensure the highest product quality control, making it continuously win the trust and receive positive feedback from overseas customers.  
Pioneering in R&D
      Established 40 years ago, Hsin Jui has always taken the lead in R&D. It started to design products with the aid of computer software, developed dies and set up an in-plant dies factory and maintenance & repair division 30 years ago. Being an expert dealing with various hard cases, Hsin Jui did receive several challenging orders. Facing the demands which require the use of advanced technology, Hsin Jui President Alan Hsu said, “If we want to do it, we definitely can have 95% of our customers’ R&D requests realized within a limited timeframe and failure is rarely seen,” which is the reason that Hsin Jui can keep its leading position in the race with other competitors. 
      With professional R&D strengths and years of experience, Hsin Jui often receives requests from customers to develop patented products for them and has continuously maintained mutual trust and smooth communication with them. In the past, an overseas customer once contacted Hsin Jui with the drawing of his newly developed product. When Hsin Jui successfully produced the sample, it suddenly lost contact with the customer. Then, after having the customer back again, the customer told Hsin Jui that his product design appeared some defects and could not be applied to the mating part. The team of Hsin Jui then examined the design of this customer’s patented product and helped him improve the design, making the customer finally get the patent certification.   
      Speaking of the experience in developing for customers, President Hsu said, “With 4 decades of experience in production and R&D, coupled with the aid of computer software, we are fully capable of developing new products for customers.”
Well-equipped to Produce Every Type of Product
      In order to produce high-end products, Hsin Jui has introduced Taiwanese 5-/6-die machines into its plant. Thus far, it has had 22 sets of machines for manufacturing products in the specifications of 5mm to 59mm. Its amazing manufacturing capacity and range allow Hsin Jui to become one of the leaders in the cold forging industry. Considering the increasing complexity of customers’ demands, Hsin Jui is also planning to purchase 6-die machines and establish a secondary processing line to promote fully & vertically integrated production in the plant and achieve more accurate quality and lead time control.
      President Hsu hopes that Hsin Jui, currently specialized in special parts, can gradually increase its automotive fastener manufacturing volume in the future and gain a significant presence in the international market. In the U.S.-China trade war, Hsin Jui, mainly exporting special parts with low replaceability, was not influenced too much. Although the Covid-19 is influencing the automotive market demand in 2020 and it may take some time to recover from the impact, according to President Hsu, Taiwan did gain much more exposure on the global stage this time and it is expected that Taiwanese products will be also paid much more attention by buyers in the future.
Contact: Mr. Henry Huang  
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