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Industry Activities 

New Office Building of ATOLI Machinery Co., Ltd. Serving Direct Clients with High Quality Riveting Machines
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     ATOLI started off with hardware sales 40 years ago. When General Manager Hong Kun-Ming took the helm of the family business, he embarked on developing riveting machines and magnetic drilling machines. Today, ATOLI has become an international riveting machine manufacturer with collaborative distributors from India, the Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and South America. Just 3 years ago, Hong invested NTD 200 million in building the new ATOLI Machinery office which stands as a new milestone of his business empire. Additionally, he has a service branch in China providing products to Taiwanese clients working in China as well as a bunch of local clients.
Instant Technical Support for Global Direct Clients
     “In recent years, we found more and more direct clients reaching to us online from all over the world for product inquiry. To serve them directly, we will launch a new office building after this October which will recruit more sales and customer service staff, ” said Mr. Hong. In this way, global clients will be able to gain direct online access to ATOLI and save more time besides contacting their local distributors for product information and technical support. Hong expects this new office will increase the ATOLI brand’s public awareness and market share, providing global buyers with complete after-sale service.
Innovative Developer of Multi-axle & Multi-point Riveting Technology
     ATOLI ships over 300 riveting machines every year. Each is infused with the spirit of German craftsmanship and can endure for decades. ATOLI has even gone high-end, supplying riveting machines to the automotive, bike, hand tool, aerospace, medical and military industries.
     ATOLI has 3 latest innovative technologies. The first is the patented and customizable multi-axle and multi-point riveting technology. When applied to bikes, the technology can simultaneously do 5 to 10 rivets on a chainwheel, saving a whopping amount of cost on time and labor. The second is a mountable sensor on ATOLI riveting machines which can cope with both soft and hard rivets. The sensor will know when the machine has riveted to the specified position, and then lift the punch to prevent producing defective products. The third is a patented sensor capable of detecting the amount of pressure to ensure smaller tolerance on the riveting position as well as adequate tightness and to eliminate loosening, thereby saving the cost of quality control.
Improving Clients’ Profitability
     ATOLI can provide product drawings and all products are provided in standard specifications’ so that global clients can easily obtain components and replace by themselves, saving much maintenance cost. “Our products perform exceptionally well. They solve clients’ problems with processing and manufacturing, improve capacity, reduce labor cost and therefore increase clients’ profitability and ATOLI’s sales. The gains and growth are bilateral. The ATOLI brand gains reputation by word of mouth, so it naturally deserves recognition for its service and quality.”
Contact person: Amy Hong
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