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Industry Activities 

CTSP Manufactory- OEM/ODM for Brass Inserts and Clinching Fasteners
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     Being an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified and professional automotive and electronic components supplier, Chin Tai Sing Precision Manufactory (CTSP) specializes in the production of standard and customized brass inserts, clinching metal nuts/studs and various components made from stainless steel, aluminum, and many other materials. Headquartered in Shalu (Taichung), CTSP, well-known for its excellent manufacturing capabilities, well-experienced business development & sales team, and unbeatable competitiveness of product performance and prices on the market, has been offering professional OEM and ODM production service to domestic and overseas customers for decades.
Capacity and Quality are Both Recognized by Global High-end Customers
     In the factory of CTSP with fully automated facilities, the manufacturing procedures of relevant parts are all under the strict monitoring of senior technicians with over 20 years of experience to ensure the compliance of each process with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards. In addition, the quality inspection room next to the production lines is also equipped with image measurement  instruments, optical sorting machines, and automated packaging machines. Through the inspection of quality inspectors on dimensions and appearances and the use of automated sorting machines and packaging machines, detailed requirements of every customer’s order can be met. Moreover, CTSP can also provide valid  documents for material certification, RoHS certification, PPAP, IMDS, ISIR, etc. What’s the most important is that all products on its manufacturing procedures are coded with batch numbers, so customers can know exactly the status of each production procedure including material feeding, manufacturing, quality inspection, or packaging with full traceability. The team of CTSP will also regularly meet together to discuss quality anomaly, manufacturing procedure optimization, and new product inspection and try to find out the best solution. Such a strict manufacturing quality inspection procedure has not only made the monthly capacity of CTSP grow quickly from the initial 10 million pieces to 20 million pieces, but also made CTSP widely recognized by customers from European/US/Japanese high-end markets whom it has been working closely with for years, especially those Japanese customers always making no compromise on quality and taking quite a significant share in all CTSP’s customers.
     CTSP General Manager Johny Lee said, “In order to offer good quality, we must not only have quality inspectors and precision equipment to carry out strict quality control, but also must hold a firm attitude toward it. Our requirements for quality are not only focused on finished products, but also focused on the procedures of material feeding and all manufacturing procedures.  We often assume that all of our customers require 0 ppm in their orders placed to us and try our best to meet or even exceed their requirements for quality, provide them with products at competitive prices, and make them have confidence in the quality of our products.”
Extending Business Reach to the Development of High-end Products to Respond to New Market Demands
     2021 is a brand new year and is also a critical year to determine if the industry can go into a full recovery or not. Facing the fierce competition on the market, CTSP realizes that it is important to extend its current product range to cover more products for more advanced market applications, which is also a key to the sustainable development of the company. CTSP  is currently reinforcing its development of high precision and high-end products with smaller tolerances (within 0.01 mm), in the future it will also pay more attention to the development of new customers from the aerospace and more advanced industries. General Manager Lee added, “Taiwanese hardware related industry is currently facing the problems like severe labor shortage and the inability to increase capacity, so CTSP will increase more automated production and inspection equipment to achieve the optimal capacity and quality according to each customer’s demand. In this way, we can improve our production performance, save the labor cost, and increase the yield rate. We will also develop more precision products to serve customers from more advanced industries.”
General Manager: Johny Lee
Tel: 886-4-2636-7001    Fax: 886-4-2636-7003
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