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Industry Activities 

Wei Chan Co., Ltd. - Dies Manufacturer with Superb Craftsmanship
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Laser Focus on Assorted Punches & Dies
     Wei Chan located in Alian District of Kauhsiung City, the fastener heartland of Taiwan, is a punch and die manufacturer with 27 years of industry expertise. For years, its product line has been expanding. Now it provides industrial and automotive customers with nut dies, tungsten carbide dies, cold/hot forged dies, special dies, ultra-hard dies, wire drawing dies, nut punches and customized punches.
Craftsmanship & Durability
     The company has a dozen of manufacturing machines including conventional and automated processing machines. One of them is a vertical machining center purchased from the international TongTai Group which features efficient cutting, stable machining, high precision and supports customized machining. The manufacturing area contains EDM machines and polishing machines operated by well-trained technical personnel with experience in machining. The company is particular about quality of punches and dies and produces durable quality products for customers. With Wei Chan’s products, customers can save the cost of frequent punch and die replacement and increase their fastener and special parts capacity.
     “We are based on craftsmanship. We seek superb quality and profession. We continue to innovate and customize our manufacturing process to provide quality punches and dies. Since we started the company, this has remained unchanged throughout our manufacturing process from product development to quality control of finished products and prompt punctual delivery.”
Riding the Domestic Market Rebound,
Getting Ready to Satisfy Overseas Customers
     Taiwan Institute of Economic Research forecasts Taiwan’s economic growth for 2021 at 4.3%. The momentum of Taiwanese manufacturing remains robust. Thanks to the effective domestic public health system, the past year saw continuous construction of infrastructure and a vibrant housing market. The Taiwanese market is on the path of regaining fastener demand. Wei Chan expects the fastener demand to drive its punch and die sales. It hopes to get ready by optimizing capacity and customizing manufacturing so as to provide overseas customers with quality products from Taiwan as soon as other countries in the world reopen their borders.
Contact: Mrs. Shin-In Tsai
Wei Chan
die manufacturing
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