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Industry Activities 

Multiply Your Fastener Capacity with Infinix Tungsten Steel Dies & Segmented Dies
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     Infinix has a 2,000 square meters of plant in Tainan City which manufactures punches, punch dies, cutters, fingers, ejector pins and other assorted dies. It provides clients with one-stop purchase of dies used for manufacturing screws and nuts. A well-known dies company in southern Taiwan, Infinix serves the automotive, aerospace, energy and construction industries. With the company’s one-stop service, clients are free from the trouble of searching and comparing suppliers, and therefore save more time. Additionally, the company uses ERP on its production line and management process. Its self-developed management system which combines ERP and MES can utilize big data analysis to provide information on production to effectively improve human operation and production efficiency.
Tungsten Steel Dies & Segmented Dies with Longer Service Life
     An average steel punch can produce roughly 150 thousand socket hex cap screws. The Infinix tungsten steel hex punch sustains longer and works more efficiently with 10 times productivity that allows to produce 1.5 million tungsten steel hex punches.
     Furthermore, an average punch die produces 4 million hex nuts. The Infinix segmented die by design can produce 13 million hex nuts, up 225%. With its self-developed grinding machine, the company can process thermally hardened materials into punches in one manufacturing procedure. This will significantly streamline the production and reduce the cost to make products more price competitive.
Punch Precision Reaching 0.005mm Tolerance
     The company has 30 years of experience in dies manufacture. In its formative years, it purchased automated equipment from Japan including MAZAK 5-axle CNC machines, SEIBU wire cutters, coupled with software such as NX CAD/CAM, SMARTCAM, and SOLIDWORK CAD/CAM. The Japanese equipment is more precise with good machining efficiency so that Infinix can produce products within the 0.01mm tolerance range. The company also has self-developed machines to produce punches reaching the 0.005mm tolerance.
Customized Service to Drive Global Expansion
     Infinix features customized service offering small batch and diversified products. It not only manufactures dies but also provides consulting service to recommend die materials to customers, get their feedback and make improvement.
Besides the American and European markets already known to Infinix, it is actively developing the Asian market to extend to different types of customers. To cope with increased orders, it purchased two CNC EDM machines at the start of the year. With 5 CNC EDM machines in total, it can speed up production and make lead time shorter and more competitive. Despite the fight with the world against the invisible enemy in 2020, Infinix continues to grow steadily in Taiwan, and it is looking forward to a heartfelt and congenial business collaboration with everyone in the near future.
Contact: Ms. Nini Ni (sales representative)
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