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JIN SHIN CHYUAN INDUSTRY- The Irreplaceable Great Hand at CNC Machining
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     “The most difficult blueprint makes all turn away but Jin Shin Chyuan!” This is the first impression Jin Shin Chyuan Industry Co., Ltd. has made on many Taiwanese and overseas customers in the past 4 decades and is also the best description to portray the CNC machining technique and service of Jin Shin Chyuan that fully satisfy customers demands at all times. 
Swiss-type CNC Auto Lathes - No Secondary Processing is Required
     Jin Shin Chyuan adopts a lot of complex and reliable CNC lathes that can complete machining, milling, and boring without secondary processing (Po Ly Gim, for example). Such an advantage enables it to achieve higher part precision, more efficient processing, and quicker lead time than those of its industry peers still adopting outdated manufacturing procedures. Moreover, due to the fact that Swiss-type CNC auto lathes can complete forming through surface finishes and that all facilities are operated by professional technicians, Jin Shin Chyuan can continue to take on difficult challenges including processing products in special materials or of different angles. Its technique enables it to process various parts in 2.5-42mm diameters and a single workpiece of up to 180mm. Adhering to the principle of “making the quality right at the very start and meeting customers’ requests,” Jin Shin Chyuan has successfully extended its reach to Europe, USA, Australia, and many other developed markets and gained a consolidated presence. In addition to customers from the general metallic part industry, it has even become the designated supplier of many customers from the high-end automotive precision parts industry.
     “The reason that we can be continuously trusted by global industrial customers should be attributed to the experience our team has accumulated for long and our patience and perseverance to overcome difficulties and challenges. We’ll spare no effort to satisfy customers’ demands for product quality and precision and maintain stable quality and competitive edge of our products,” said Jin Shin Chyaun.  
Our 100% Yield is Different from Yours!
     Besides leading processing technique, another reason that helped generate so much high customer loyalty to Jin Shin Chyuan should definitely be attributed to its attitude of seeking perfect quality and making no compromise. In order to satisfy a customer’s demand for quality, its founder, Mr. Huang, once had a single part machined for over 40 times, which later earned the appreciation of the customer saying “I’ve never seen a supplier, who’s working so hard!”
     To other industry peers, “100%” may denote the yield rate of a factory. However, to Jin Shin Chyuan, it denotes the percentage of high-quality CNC parts dropping out of machines. Based on the principle of perfect quality control, Jin Shin Chyuan particularly values the purchase of superior quality materials, facility renovation, and personnel technical training. Its ever-improving strict manufacturing procedure has also earned itself the recognition of ISO 9001.
Others Can’t Do It, Jin Shin Chyuan Can.
     To be good at manufacturing CNC machined products oftentimes requires several years of experience. Jin Shin Chyuan owns a diverse range of first-rate facilities, allowing it to process orders in bulk, and has 40+ years’ experience in CNC machining. As a result, it can always remain calm in the face of challenging demands for part machining to complete every customer’s task. 
Jin Shin Chyuan said, “We’ve never set any limit on our capabilities and service range and are pleased to take on new challenges. Through our irreplaceable technique and experience, hopefully, we can help our customers create the best competing condition on the world stage.”
Contact: Jam Huang       
Jin Shin Chyuan Industry
CNC Machining
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