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Industry Activities 

Jingle-Tech Fasteners- One-stop High-end Industrial and Construction Parts Manufacturing Service
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     With a consolidated presence for nearly 15 years in the international market, Jingle-Tech Fasteners Co., Ltd., well-known for its excellent product processing technology and well-experienced technicians, continues to supply screws, bolts, nuts, washers, anchors, and assorted parts for construction applications made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, and nylon to domestic and overseas clients from medium to high end industrial and construction markets. As its products feature stable & high quality and highly competitive price range, lead time, and customer service, Jingle-Tech has been trusted and recognized by clients in Europe and America. In 2020 it also reported an outstanding sales result of around US$ 10 million.
One-stop Service Creating Cost Advantages for Clients 
     In response to various clients’ demands for bulk orders or low-volume-and-diverse items, Jingle-Tech not only has its own factory, but also collaborates with several associate factories that can provide in-time support to it. As a result, its professional sales and technical teams can help create the best balance point for clients at all times without sacrificing product and service quality. On the other hand, its clients can have their demands for diverse products fully satisfied by contacting only one supplier, which is quite efficient in all aspects and allows them to get more cost advantages in the face of external competition. 
     “Our collaboration with clients are based on the long-term and rock-solid trust between each other. Plus, as we are also a member of a domestic hardware association, we are able to get access to more complementary partners in the industry, enabling us to handle every client’s demand in the most appropriate way. It’s no problem to us to process tens of containers per month!”, said General Manager Candy Wang.   
Dedicated to Medium to High End Markets;
Expansion and Transformation are Already Underway
     Products of Jingle-Tech are of high quality and its manufacturing procedures are also compliant with IFI, DIN, BS, ISO, JIS, and AS standards, so Jingle-Tech can always maintain a quite high market share in European and American medium to high end markets. The European market particularly represents more than 60% of its total sales. Clients’ orders from other markets like USA, Mexico, Brazil, and countries in S. America are also received regularly. Talking of the benefits brought by market recovery this year, General Manager Wang said, “Our capacity has been fully booked through next year. Accordingly, I expect our 2021 full-year sales result to perform well and land on the mark of US$ 15 million.”
     In addition to manufacturing industrial and construction parts, Jingle-Tech has been also dedicated to the expansion and transformation of its current product portfolio in recent years, and has extended its reach to CNC machined parts, welded parts, non-standard industrial parts, safety products, etc. 
     Wang added, “Our team excels at R&D very much! We can not only develop new products on our own, but also can provide clients’ drawings with the most professional suggestions and national inspection reports. We’ve been certified by ISO 9001 and CE and also considering applying for IATF 16949 and ETA in the future.”  
     Wang noted, “Going toward the development of more advanced parts is quite challenging, but is the best approach to demonstrating our team’s strength instead. I highly anticipate that Jingle-Tech will continue to strengthen its reach to the international market and promote the value of products and brands for more industrial clients.”
Contact: General Manager Candy Wang
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