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Key to Low Carbon Transition: Taiwan CSC's High Performance Steel Yields Prominent Carbon Reduction Capability
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     Taiwan CSC worked with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and succeeded in quantifying the carbon reduction capability of high performance steel by evaluating the service life of steel products. Based on Taiwan CSC's high performance steel sales in 2019, the research result shows a total carbon cut by 2.5 million tons.
     Steel is an 100% recyclable green product and a critical material for the transition to reduced carbon emission. Taiwan CSC has successfully established a methodology for calculating carbon reduction of high strength automotive steel, quenching and tempering free steel, corrosion-resistant bridge steel, and high strength ship steel.
     For cars with a service life of 10 years, per ton of high strength automotive steel can cut 6.04 tons of carbon; quenching and tempering-free steel for manufacturing automotive fasteners can cut 2.8 tons of carbon by eliminating the process of annealing and reducing car weight as well as gasoline consumption.
     Taiwan CSC is arranging for internal carbon reduction and investing in renewable energy such as solar power and offshore wind power. The company will continue to develop high performance steel and conduct related carbon reduction research. It is already working on a carbon reduction methodology for free-cutting steel and cold headed screws and nuts, and seeks to help domestic steel consuming industries increase carbon reduction.
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