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Industry Activities 

World’s First Patented Collated Washer Paper Tape
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     It is not an overstatement that president Fu-Cheng Su is a genius in developing paper tapes. Located in Kaohsiung with 20 years of experience, this company started its business as an original equipment manufacturer assembling or packaging fasteners for clients and providing delicate small packaging service. President Su seeks ultimate quality and never gives in to low-price competition. “I would never allow discoloring on any labels even if I’m labeling for clients. Every product that has gone through our hands to the clients are guaranteed with consistent high quality!”
     Many years ago, Acer Group founder and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. director Stan Shih said “OEMs should be proud and what's important for them is to build their own brand.” This echoed with President Su and he decided to develop his own products and create the Guang Zhe brand. Now that the development is completed, the world’s first collated washer paper tape expected to take the market by storm is coming out from Guang Zhe.
Eco-friendly, Heat/Humidity Resistant, Time/Labor Saving
     Unlike plastic paper tapes, Guang Zhe paper tapes resist 200°C for up to 30 minutes and therefore can be color-painted. They are water-proof and can be recycled after use. They can disintegrate in soils without contaminating the environment. The improved washers on the paper tapes are patented and perfectly match with the paper tapes. Guang Zhe collated washer paper tapes are patented in Taiwan, the U.S. and Japan and are patent-pending in the EU. “ The awareness for environmental protection is growing worldwide. The EU has stipulated to ban single-use plastic products, so the market is seeking alternatives to plastic tapes. Our paper tapes are perfectly compliant to environmental requirements, utilizing special high-strength paper materials. They can be color-painted and meet buyers’ demand for convenient use and better visual appearance and therefore has a huge potential to replace plastic tapes. I can say the collated washer paper tape I’m rolling out this time can only be manufactured by Guang Zhe.”
Exclusive Screw-feeding Mechanism and Assembling Machine are in Development
     After developing the collated washer paper tape, President Su moved on to develop a dedicated screw-feeding mechanism to work with paper tapes as well as a patented socket that can be easily mounted on power tools of well-known brands to use the paper tapes. He also designed an extended connecting bar with one side mounted to the screw-feeding mechanism and the other mounted to the power tools. Customers can fasten workpieces with washer-assembled screws on the paper tapes without having to bend down. As if it isn’t enough, he is developing a dedicated fully-automatic assembling machine to assemble washers, screws and his paper tapes together. “R&D is a long way and there is no turning back once you step on it. It all feels like starting from scratch.”
Target the U.S & Europe and Opportunities in Carbon Reduction
     Besides being open for global purchase, the collated washer paper tape will first target Europe. Su is ready to risk everything to build his brand and he is locked on great overseas opportunities. He believes he is doing the right thing and that his paper tapes are a ground-breaking product for a clean environment in the next generation.
Contact: President Mr. Fu-Cheng Su
Patented Collated Washer Paper Tape
Guangzhe Enterprise
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