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Industry Activities 

Chong Cheng’s Special Nuts Improve Solar Panel Assembling Speed and Quality
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Time-saving, Corrosion Resistant, Reusable
     With a focus on special nuts and stainless steel nuts, Chong Cheng Fastener Corp. started off with a 1,322 square meters plant and has been improving manufacturing technology and quality in its 33 years of history. Today it has grown to 23,140 square meters and 1,200 tons of monthly capacity. It supplies nuts in stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials mainly to the automotive, construction industries and the industrial sector. 98% of the products are exported to the U.S., Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia and the company has achieved resounding sales success as well as global recognition.
Success in Developing Corrosion-resistant/Locking/Secure Solar Module Nuts
     Chong Cheng is a critical contributor to the business development of solar system companies. It succeeded in developing a dual locking special nut for assembling solar modules. Solar modules require a high level of security. A nut used with a solar module must be able to hold for at least 20 years with no damage. It means the nut must withstand weathering and corrosion and won’t come loose.
     To that end, Chong Cheng used special locking wedge threads for the solar module nuts and used Nylok coating on the nuts to form a dual locking performance and attain corrosion resistance. The nuts passed the NAS3350 vibration test by sustaining 34,000 vibrations within 17 minutes. Furthermore, they are a two-piece composition combining a nut and a washer. Customers who use them won’t have to worry about dropping washers on the floor when installing the solar module nuts. The nuts will save 30% time for customers to improve work efficiency and they are reusable.
     These nuts are tailored to the request by solar system companies. Solar plants using these nuts for long can increase the factor of safety, expand service life and reduce maintenance cost, thereby improving profits and that’s how the nuts gain praise from the system companies. Besides their use on solar modules, they can be used on frames and other peripheral constructions. They can do a great job for the coexistence between fishery and power generation or when used on solar power plants close to the sea. They are a crucial element to facilitate the safety and steady development of solar power plants.
     “Green energy is trending globally. That’s why we are focused on solar module nuts that are resistant to strong winds and corrosion and are easy to install. This will prevent weather’s sabotage on the nuts and the subsequent electricity crisis,” said the company.
Plant Expansion and Purchase of South Korean Equipment
     Chong Cheng is expanding its plant for an investment of NTD 150 million and it has purchased high quality equipment from Hyodong Machine. The expansion is set to be completed in the first half of 2022 with an estimated floor area of 24,462 square meters. The company said they are doing this to manufacture higher precision products, go up a notch in quality and upgrade the work environment. Besides, Chong Cheng expects Hyodong’s machines which are automated, easy to operate and quick in changing punches and dies can attract more young talents into the company to contribute to Taiwan fastener industry.
A Place for Happiest Employees
     Chong Cheng's president thinks of his employees as the biggest asset for the company. He treats them as a family and solves their problems. In return, they are glad to pursue advanced technique and tide over challenges with the company. “My business guideline is the pursuit of steady growth. Me and my employees are a family. We learn together and prepare ourselves for an opportunity to make a success for Chong Cheng.”
Contact: Kenny Hsu, VP of sales     
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