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Industry Activities 

Replacing Conventional Expansion Anchors, JOKER’s ETA Bi-metal Concrete Screw is About to Hit the Market
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     Well-known for R&D and manufacturing, Joker Industrial Co., Ltd. is the 1st Taiwanese anchor manufacturer that has received ETA Option 1 for its concrete screws. For several times the company has been able to stand out from the drastic market competition with its own innovation and product development capabilities, taking the leading position where others can be only left behind. Even amid the period when a severe imbalance in the global supply chain occurred and various costs including shipment, materials, electroplating, and heat treating fees increased, Joker still reported an eye-catching 30-40% growth in its operating result. Its self-developed Sissy Stud Concrete Screw Anchors and Wuga Hollow Anchors continue to represent a stable share in the int’l market through word of mouth and their design and performance are continuously reinforced in order to respond to the ever-changing industrial demands. In terms of “ETA Bi-metal Concrete Screw,” after becoming the 1st ETA Option 1 certified factory in Taiwan, Joker has also continually extended the certification to cover more head types in order to satisfy the requirements for installations and fastenings under various circumstances. Then, in 2021 when the world is suffering the pandemic, it again became the 1st Taiwanese anchor manufacturer that has been approved by the EU’s strictest seismic tests C1/C2, which are about to be officially certified by H1 2022. As Taiwan is geographically located in a seismic belt, such an honor will once again consolidate the leading anchor manufacturing position of Joker in Taiwan. In addition to satisfying the demands of overseas loyal clients, Joker also hopes that in the domestic market where the demand for anchors in public infrastructure has been mostly satisfied by foreign leading suppliers for years, Joker’s high-quality ETA bi-metal concrete screws can earn an excellent reputation, gain a significant share, and allow domestic users to truly experience the real strength of “MIT” products.  
Bi-metal and Patented 3-Circle Hi-Low Thread Design
     Taking around 3 years from R&D to finished products, the bi-metal design of ETA concrete screw is said to be Joker’s significant breakthrough in product development. In terms of structural design, the carbon steel portion combined with the fore-end cutting edges and exclusive patented 3-circle hi-low thread design allows the screw to cut more quickly, while the shank made from 316 stainless steel also provides excellent outdoor rustproof performance. In a practical ETA test with other similar products, Joker’s product has been also proved to be able to achieve almost doubled pull-out strength and safety coefficient with less amount used and better work efficiency. Its carbon steel products have been also approved by domestic professional structure engineers to be largely used on the construction of Taipei Arena. It is expected that Joker’s strength in product development will be again enhanced after it officially receives the certificate for its bi-metal concrete screw by 2022.
     Product Manager Ryan Huang said, “We’ve invested more than 10 million NTD in certification for this product, including shear, tensile strength, breakage limit and many other safety coefficient related tests, with an aim at developing a reliable product that is international standards compliant and safe for users. This product is a newer application in the anchor sector and can be used to replace conventional expansion anchors. Joker uses thread rolling dies that are expensive and with high attrition rate, only for achieving a better final beneficial result and developing for consumers a product that is of high quality, safe to use, labor-and-time-saving. Joker’s technology and quality have been on par with many European leading plants and more cost effective. I expect that this product with a high niche can accelerate the market share growth of the company. Thus far this product has passed the overseas test and we expect to receive the certificate no later than 2022.”
Reverse Thinking
Offering Customers Total Solution
     Joker’s Sissy Stud has passed the extremely strict ETA C1/C2 test last year, showing that it takes the actual performance of products quite seriously. All products must be tested for times in the lab before they can be released on the market, which is to make sure products shared with customers are the best design with the best performance. Different from other suppliers which may only have one single strength, Joker has complete stamping, heading, multi-stroke, tapping, heat treating, and welding technology, and is able to think reversely according to the expected results of products and give customers advice to improve their design, the so-called Total Solution. Huang said, “Despite complexity of customers’ product design, we are still able to implement and offer better solutions. We are also capable of developing exclusive manufacturing machines for our Wuga hollow anchors and customers’ ODM products, increasing customers’ competitive edge and irreplaceability. Moreover, many customers once collaborating with us (whether they’d like to commission Joker to develop products for them or not) prefer visiting Joker’s stands at int’l trades shows for brainstorming and asking for professional advice.” 
Get Fully Prepared to Extend Reach to the Automotive Industry
     Since 1998 Joker has released “Jack Nut,” which is mainly delivered to T3/T4 customers in the automotive industry, so it has gained strong strengths in R&D and manufacturing. Considering electric vehicles being a focus of future automotive industry, Huang also disclosed that this year and next year Joker will hire consultants to guide it apply for IATF 16949 in order to make early preparations for entering the supply chain of int’l car manufacturers. Huang added, “In addition to existing anchors, Joker also hopes to discover more opportunities and have its advantages noticed to develop more similar products and create more business opportunities for the industry.”        
Joker contact: Mr. Ryan Huang, Product Manager         
ETA bi-metal concrete screw
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