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Industry Activities 

CHING CHAN 30th Anniversary- The World’s No. 1 Sorting Machine Supplier That Dares Not Invite Difficulties
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     Being an active player in the global optical sorting machine market and continuously providing customers with proactive and innovative technology, Ching Chan Optical Technology Co., Ltd. reached the 30th anniversary mark in 2021. Ching Chan is not only a sorting machine supplier in Taiwan with the longest company history, but also has set up an essential milestone in the development of fastener sorting & inspection technology in Taiwan. Starting its business in vibrating feeders and packing machines and later perfectly switching its focus to the sorting machine market, Ching Chan continues to write its success story with dedication, opportunities and customers. Although there were headwinds sometimes, it could still survive challenges in the end. Such a success can be attributed to Ching Chan’s DNA of “preferring inviting difficulties for itself in every challenge.” Due to such dogged persistence, Ching Chan created for itself an unbeatable leading position in the global optical sorting machine industry.
Grasping the Niche and Finding Out Problems for Customers
     At that time when there was no very strong market competitor yet, Ching Chan saw the potential and dedicated itself to the R&D and sales of sorting machines. Due to its 10 years of cumulative experience in the fastener industry, technique learned from OEM, and extraordinary R&D procedure, Ching Chan could have been so successful since the debut of its first sorting machine. Since its first model was released on the market in 2004, Ching Chan has sold more than 4,500 sets of machines to the global market and the number is still on the rise.  
     Ching Chan President Alex Wu said, “During the R&D, our team kept using various screws in tests and even used ‘almost crazy’ ways that might cause machine failure to find out problems. For example, for simulating a situation of screws covered with too much oil, our team sprayed oil straight onto the machine; or for simulating a situation of consecutive appearance of 30 pcs of defective items, our team tried to cover the cameras with hands, which are all for finding out problems in customers’ actual applications and making improvement and optimization in advance. We seek for sustainable operation with honesty and full trust from customers. Before the pandemic, we visit customers at least once a year and provide every customer with complete aftersales service.”
Eyeing on the Int’l Market
Strengths Outpacing European/U.S. Competitors
     Strong product competitiveness and service flexibility played an essential role in Ching Chan’s successful penetration into European and U.S. advanced markets within a few years. As fastener manufacturers were mostly SME with limited resources, and high-price but less-function European and U.S. sorting machines could not satisfy the demand for max. competitiveness, Ching Chan’s solutions at cheaper prices with better integrated functions brought the timely rain to the industry. In order to quickly enter the int’l market, it even announced the industry’s first ‘Use It Before You Buy It’ promotional campaign.  
     President Wu said, “At that time I offered free sorting machines for customers to use (5 sets per country) and after 3 months they could decide whether to buy them or not. This strategy allowed Ching Chan to quickly sell products to the world and made it noticed by customers from Europe/USA/Japan/Italy and other advanced markets, who continue to place orders to Ching Chan. A German sorting machine manufacturer is even willing to transfer its technology and become our sales agent in Germany. All these supports enable Ching Chan to become a world-level company worthy of the name.”
Splendid Story Originated from Employees’ and Customers’ Support
     Speaking of the splendid history of Ching Chan, President Wu, who has been elected the head of South Chapter of Model of Entrepreneurs in 2020, said, “Every individual who once worked with Ching Chan is very important, as without their support we couldn’t have been so successful. As a result, through the 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving event, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude for those who have made us experience success or failure. Any customer whose cumulative order amount reached over NT$ 10 million will receive a free MASSE Vibrating Chair from us, and anyone whose cumulative order amount is over NT$ 3 million in 2021 will also receive the same chair as a gift. We hope that our customers busy in their work can stay healthy as usual and remind people of the importance of cherishing blessings and good fortune as well as participating in charitable events.”
Traded on OTC Market to Expand Business
     As one of the few OTC traded fastener companies in Taiwan, Ching Chan can acquire advanced technology to expand its business through the introduction of complete financial reports system and financing activities. Particularly since its acquisition of The First Contact Tech (T.F.C.T.) specialized in semiconductor inspection technology in 2020, Ching Chan has made a significant progress on its machines, such as speed, precision and appearance. The latest model is installed with 6 cameras (able to analyze 48,000 pictures per min.) and can achieve the inspection efficiency of 8,000 pcs per min. Its’s now working hard to achieve the goal of 10,000-13,000 pcs. President Wu said, “Over the past 5 years I purchased 3 companies already out of business.
     Although the transactions did not cost a lot, I had to make effort to deal with more customers’ complaints. After that, I spent NT$ 0.3 bn purchasing a small business with countless talented employees, which later contributed a lot to Ching Chan’s profit. Ching Chan’s gross margin in every sector remains almost above the level of 60%. In the future, we plan to acquire more superior companies of this kind, introduce AI technology and expand our business to the potential semiconductor, medical pills, bullets or currency inspection to create momentum for higher growth.”
Keep Learning and Doing What is Good to the World
     Despite winning several national-level awards and relevant recognition, President Wu never stops learning. Every day he wakes up, he’ll ask himself if there’s still something he has not completed yet. He is not only active in visiting large-scale companies, but also spares no effort to create unlimited possibilities for Ching Chan via many industrial societies.
President Wu said seriously, “I really want to set up a film company to produce movies about all the models of entrepreneurs in Taiwan. By doing so, I ‘d like to tell people that as long as you keep faith in honesty and hold a serious attitude to do everything, the world is full of opportunities. Both failure and success are the indispensable elements to make one’s life shine bright.
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