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Industry Activities 

Taiwan-made High Quality Staple Guns with Minimal Friction Interference & Maximal Efficiency- Tangible Ind. Co., Ltd.
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     In the current market where electric hand tools make up the most market share, Tangible dedicated to manual hand tools stands out with steady growth that lasts over 40 years. The fact that the company made it through the last two years of market turbulence is impressive. Located in Kueishan District of Taoyuan City (Taiwan), the company is a manufacturer of staple guns and tackers as well as an OEM for well-known overseas companies. Furthermore, its products are diversified and extend to carbon fiber parts and even animal traps.
Eliminating Interferences and Friction Points
Improved Tool Efficiency in Use
     Tangible’s staple guns can be used with T50 (6-14mm) and JT21 (6-8mm, 6-14mm) American standard staples. The company also provides spring-driven staple guns that are functional and easy to use. The specialty tackers can be made to suit different types of electric cables and low-voltage applications.
     The company is particular about product development with an emphasis on eliminating unnecessary friction points and improving efficiency in use. “Unintended friction and interferences within products are a major source of bad user experience, we make it our goal to eliminate such interferences and friction points for improved feel and overall performance. For new product developments, we spend a lot of focus on this area with our customers. This is where product development is most time-consuming. Production dies and tools can usually be finished in one to two months, but improvements for user experience can take well over 6 months. Of course this is so on condition that the clients are willing to take the time and work with us this way.”
All is Welcome; Diverse Service
     Being a stickler of quality improvement, Tangible is willing to spend the time and effort designing handy hand tool products with clients who seek high standards. Speaking of clients, “We can say that all is welcome. We have to evaluate clients’ demand including price and quantity. Staple guns don’t evolve fast, but our point is to best provide to clients’ demand, and come up with products that best suit the clients in terms of price, materials and staple types,” said the company.
     Tangible provides extensive service covering staple gun development, plastic/metal forming, metal stamping, spot welding, assembling, and packaging. “Development of customized products is a given. We are willing to try anything within our capability to trial manufacture and develop products. We develop a diverse range of products even including 3D printed parts, animal traps and carbon fiber parts!”
     “We were most surprised to have reached American clients working in the business of animal traps. When the pandemic began, a lot of Americans stayed home and that was the time when wild animals and pests ran rampant. These animals would often bite into power lines, housing panels, sometimes even attack humans and pets. Thus trap demand rose during the lock-down periods, and we were able to help develop and manufacture these products.”
Targeting Global Sales Routes and Product Development
     Tangible’s overseas sales take up around 95% of its total revenue. The sales targets include but are not limited to the U.S., Japan and Europe, and the company sells OEM products to overseas well-known brands. The last two years saw many twists and turns, but the company continues to stay transparent to clients. “We have been looking forward to developing new products with clients. We are confident that we can develop high quality tools with them using our industry experience and specialty.”
Contact: Richard Chang         
Tangible Ind. Co.
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Minimal Friction Interference & Maximal Efficiency
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