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Industry Activities 

Advanced Multi-stroke Cold Forging Specialist JIH HSIN KUN SCREW CO., LTD.
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  Founded in Taichung City (Taiwan) in 1982 and now relocated to Yunlin County, Jih Hsin Kun mainly focused on screws and small parts, and later slowly switched to forging special components, hand tool parts (extension bars, sockets, screwdriver grips, joint seats), and automotive components. Clients are mostly from the hand tool and automotive components industries. Cold forging is the main part of the company’s service. For more product diversity, the company has its own dies development unit working in tandem with the manufacturing and quality assurance units which altogether form a one-stop production flow covering from product design to manufacturing. This is coupled with various equipment models including multi-stroke/multi-die machines, dies manufacturing machines and inspection machines to swiftly meet clients’ demand.
Products in One-piece Construction,
Cost-saving and Visually Appealing
  As far as cold forging, the company can manufacture products with the O.D. of up to 40 mm and the length of 450 mm (extending both outer diameter and length). The core technical competence lies in the company’s ability to manufacture one-piece products in one shot. Such products vary from otherwise processed and assembled products in terms of durability. They require fewer processing steps and look more appealing. “Clients used to choose CNC machining for good visual appearance. But now we can reduce processing steps in our production, we are consuming fewer materials. Considering the material shortage which is the status quo for many people, cold forging makes for a great choice,” said the company.
  Another core technical competence is that the company is the first among its counterparts in the industry to adopt manufacturing equipment of up to 7 dies and 7 punches. More sophisticated dies accentuate the uniqueness of the final parts. “The target for our business is to do what others can’t and whatever it is, we’ll make it happen!”
  The company introduced the ISO system in 2007. From material selection to dies manufacturing and parts production, the company requires that quality should be on point and sticks to consistent product quality. It has been certified by D&B D-U-N-S.
Helping Clients Stabilize Business Amid Supply Chain Disruption
  In the last two years of the pandemic, many clients have turned their orders to the company for its ability in one-stop manufacturing. By continuing to upgrade and introduce equipment, the company can greatly improve the efficiency in manufacturing strictly designed automotive shafts and structurally sophisticated hand tools. “We have been increasing equipment, diversifying products and shortening lead times for the past two years.” In a dual crisis of global supply chain shortening and disruption, the company sets out to help domestic and overseas clients stabilize their business with its specialty in cold forging.
Contact: Ms. Rani Chen
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