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Corking Power Bits Manufacturer
The Quality Goes in Before the Name Goes on!
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Established in 1989, Baohui Screw Power Bit Inc. offers over 20 years of technology and craftsmanship manufacturing four lines of products: pneumatic tools, hand tools, electrical tools, and kits which are widely applied in machinery, electronics, bicycles and automobiles.


Baohuis specialized tools carrying the CORKING brand name are marketed in more than 20 countries such as American, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and so on. Besides it also provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) service for a number of famous international companies.

Material selection, machining process and heat treatment are the three key factors determining the quality of power bits. Baohui's raw materials are as good as Japanese brands. Its experienced technicians precisely control processes and machining technology monitors the steps as well. As a result, its power bits can be smoothly inserted into the screw channel to achieve the maximum torque which makes them both easy-to-use and durable. Through special heat treatment processes, the hardness and stability of each power bit are corking, just like its brand name.


The most competitive advantage is its extensive technical experience which allows it to develop more durable and convenient tools. For instance, it has developed a shock buffer-type/high-staying power bits which even have 1.8 times durable degree than that of S2-level products. Higher endurance is beneficial to customer and less waste is beneficial to the earth.


Numerous and different kinds of products made its stockroom overloaded. The increasing quantity of orders narrows the packing area. New quality control and processing machines need space to set down. Therefore it decided to solve these problems all at once.


Baohui's new factory is 3 times bigger than the original one. It improves the move line of production and an individual quality control room gathers all the testing equipments together so that its QC can do every test within less time. Lately a salt spray machine is introduced for testing the rust defense of its products. Salt spray test helps to improve the anti-rust treatment technique. Otherwise, its manager designed a system integrating all information it needs from getting an order to product completion. This is a big change because it saves the company lots of time. Now Baohui is able to handle more orders than before because of this system.


Financial storm did punch the whole world, and Baohui was no exception. However, after a year of struggling, its business became smooth and even better than before. It believed that consumers habits had changed after the storm. People started to pursue durable goods with reasonable price instead of cheap but short-life products. This changed consumption is just paralleled with Baohui products. Customers like Baohuis products because it offers high quality products just as good as products from Japan with reasonable price. In the future, it will continue on developing and manufacturing highly stable and exceptional quality products that fully conform with market and customer demands.


Although experienced in this business, Baohui devotes itself to enhancing and maintaining the product quality. Just as its slogan says, The quality goes in before the name goes on. Baohui deeply believes and follows this principle.
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